Super-Charge Success & Sanity
with a Right Hand Man

Dear Business Owner with Big Plans,

You already know that your success is directly proportional to who you surround yourself with. That's why it's no surprise when growth-focused biz owners are asked the question...

What would have the greatest impact on your company?

The overwhelming majority of biz owners dream of having a Right Hand Man that can super-charge their success and sanity.

Someone who would...
  • Be a long-term partner.
  • Be an idea springboard.
  • Help with the strategic direction and the innovation needed to ensure success.
  • check
    Give fresh, on-demand advice and the blueprint to make it REAL.
  • check
    Identify the current problems in my biz and put a stop to ones before they exist.
  • check
    Find unique ways to my boost sales through better marketing.
  • check
    Provide on-going wisdom to goose the bottom line.
  • check
    Help me to be a master implementer and get things DONE.
  • check
    Give me an unfair advantage in the marketplace.
  • check
    Execute my vision of success and sanity
  • check
    Free me up to do other high-value things.

And much, much more!

But for most business owners it's a challenge to hire a player of this caliber full time. And if you are lucky enough to find the perfect person for your company, the logistics and costs associated with working together are usually deal killers.

Until now, the best alternative to teaming up with "the best in the business" talent or someone with "Chief" in their job title — was to attend industry events and conferences. Or join high-profile networking, coaching and mastermind groups. Although the affiliation in these communities is exclusive and can supercharge a business, these broad networks leave us needing more ONE-ON-ONE attention.

A Right Hand Man for Your Business

There’s no shortage of entrepreneurial communities and industry associations we can join, but even being a part of one that “does it right” and gives everyone an equal platform to share, connect and benefit — still leaves us 'go-getters' pining for a business best friend...

Plus, we know it’s not ALL about "who you know" and what’s working like gangbusters for other biz owners… 

...And we realize that solving our top-shelf biz problems and reaching the next BIG milestone probably isn't going to happen from a group call, Facebook group, hot-seat, convention workshop or combing through membership portals and newsletters. 

Whether you're part of a group or not, there's no denying they have good intentions BUT they lack personalization and precise action plans. 

That's why biz leaders need a Right Hand Man that can make sense of all of the new information and apply it to YOUR world. One that goes WAY beyond the surface clutter, tactical moves and 'make more sales’ stuff... because we know that’s just a smidgen of the formula for success and happiness. 

You invest heavily in yourself and your biz and value buying the shortcuts... 

...That's why you value having top-notch 'straight-from-the-source' advice and support. This type of thinking is what got you to where you are TODAY. When you add a Right Hand Man to your biz, you get the whole enchilada — mindset, money, and movement… so your action plans elegantly come together, and you can finally reach entrepreneurial nirvana. 

If given a choice between a Community and a Compadre, biz leaders would rather have a partner who’s 100% dedicated to their success. That's where a Right Hand Man comes in... giving you a one-stop-shop for success and sanity.

It's just like a One-Man Mastermind

A Right Hand Man is the most effective way to add a business-transforming advisor to your team. And with a Right Hand Man, you can tap into the brain, resources, Rolodex, and biz know-how of an A-player without all the hassles, high cost and red tape associated with having a full-time employee.

And let's face it, most companies don't need a gaggle of consultants or a bunch of heavy hitters on the payroll either. Especially when you're running a lean mean high-profit machine! These days, you can take advantage of the "sharing economy"...and have a Right Hand Man "on-demand" move the needle in your biz for a fraction of the cost. Find out how a Right Hand Man can supersize your success and sanity...

Here's To Faster Success!

Solutions, You'll Love

15 Ways Biz Leaders find Purpose and Profits ...working with a Right Hand Man


We’ve all been told to figure out our WHY? While that’s an important thing for us to dial in... our customers, clients and patients really want to know: WHAT we uniquely DO and how it applies to them (in easy to understand language.) We should regularly weave the answer to this question into our brand’s story and marketing plans… A Right Hand Man helps biz leaders craft one-of-a-kind messages that build immediate rapport with their target audience and increase sales and goodwill.



One of the best rules for long-term biz success can be summed up by a quote from legendary copywriter – Gary Bencivenga, "A gifted product is mightier than a gifted pen.” Simply put, marketing and sales can’t make up for inferior products and services. So the key to biz longevity is to simply make everything we DO and sell amazing! A Right Hand Man helps forward thinking companies find and scale the ideas worth DOING... and the campaigns and projects worth scaling.



The right ‘positioning’ in our marketplace will beat (or avoid) the competition every time. Whether it’s pricing or value proposition or just doing things differently; the key is having a finger on the pulse and a relentless commitment to knowing (and delivering) what our target audience actually wants. But when we NAIL it... and get our customers to talk about it — our trust, authority, credibility and sales go through the roof. One reason entrepreneurs look to a Right Hand Man for advice is to position themselves for long-term, predictable growth. This could be anything from uncovering hidden opportunities, adopting new ways of doing things or avoiding problems they didn’t even know existed.



Content is still KING but only when it includes our unique PERSPECTIVE, is based on conversations our prospects and customers are already having, and motivates them to take ACTION. These days we need our content, traffic and social media all working together to get get good, consistent results. A Right Hand Man has a knack for creating powerful and polished PROSE (in your voice) that will attract your ideal customers or patients like a huge magnet. Short or long form copy, books, social media posts and press releases that get picked up — it’s ALL their jam.



Our company’s look and feel is a big deal. From consistent branding, website design to how we present our offers using digital, print, multimedia and video. That means that every hammer doesn’t need a nail. Whether a it’s an online video, sales page, in-person trade show, over the phone, or any number of messaging — the key is to find our authentic voice... because once we reach ‘concert pitch’ orchestrating goodwill and sales gets a whole lot easier. A Right Hand Man helps biz leaders align their voice with direct response marketing campaigns that get people to BUY.


Perpetual Traffic

We already know paid traffic is the path to predictable sales. And that we need a scale-ready traffic system in place to maximize the WINNERS. Our perpetual traffic system consists of three simple parts: eyeballs + engagement + earned trust. The key to getting ‘eyeballs’ on OFFERS is to run ads where our target audience hangout. These ads have ONE compelling narrative designed to stir our ideal prospects to take action. The ACTIONS (engagements and micro commitments) earn their trust and surprise — the SALES come rolling in. A Right Hand Man will customize a plan to crank up sales and lead-gen based on a media buying and traffic getting strategy that’s working NOW…


Personalized Communication

Phone, email, sms, chatbots, messenger, direct mail, trade shows, events, reviews... it’s overwhelming to make it all work in concert. When we create content with conversions-in-mind these key interactions lead to higher Conversions. A Right Hand Man can simplify and automate your communications that start, continue and restart money-making conversations with your customers and patients on their preferred devices and apps.



There’s no arguing that running promotions is key to making sales and scaling, but biz pros know the formula for success can be way more complicated than offering a deadline and a discount. The REAL path to booking more appointments and increasing sales is creating advertising campaigns that create meaningful connections, conversations, and conversions — All-In-One. A Right Hand Man will help you craft winning offers with the right message to the right person on the their preferred channels.



In-source, outsource, consultants and vendors…we all know nothing happens without the right TEAM. A Right Hand Man will help make sure you’ve got the right team to solve the world's biggest problems, and make more sales without bloated salaries.



We all know the right mix of affiliates, referral partners, street teams and influencers are game-changers for our biz. A Right Hand Man will help you make more relationship-glue that will give you more reach and revenue.



The two most important things for our personal and profession development are uninterrupted “thinking time” and having someone to lean on “counsel" for fast-track advice (and constantly dealing with the entrepreneurial "Head Stuff” we ALL come pre-wired with.) And yes, vacations and free time to stay on top of our health and goof off are also good for productivity… and so is using a Right Hand Man to relentlessly simplify our business systems, marketing stack and automate the mundane stuff that wastes time and drives us nuts.


Profit Optimizers

Polish - Uncover money hidden in your biz, pull the big growth levers, plug leaky buckets, optimize and scale the winners.

Persevere - Develop the mental chops, marketing muscles and stamina to stay in the game or pivot.

Pivot - When something is not working, maybe it’s time to pivot and take a different approach.

Pause - If all else fails ‘pause’ the stuff that’s not working.

Meet Your Right Hand Man

A pioneer, health geek, street-smart entrepreneur, and author, Travis is a left handed guy that has designed a life that allows him to stay sane, be present with his family and work with entrepreneurs and innovative health and real estate companies he loves. Kolbe A Profile: 3-2-10-3


Travis is the founder and chief strategist of The Right Hand Man Partner Program. He is an innovator and well-known direct response marketing and sales strategist who spends most of his time helping growth-focused health and real estate biz owners and entrepreneurs have faster and more frequent breakthroughs.

When you sign on with Travis, you’ll get a dedicated guy with a fiduciary duty to ensure your success. The same kind of relationship that top celebrities, sports figures, politicians and world leaders can’t live without. Business leaders are no exception — you need someone who’s got your back, who can help direct key pieces of your biz, see opportunities or identify problems (before you even know they exist), and even keep you from making mistakes you don’t even realize you’re making.


Travis will work closely with you to provide strategic advice for squashing problems, identifying BIG growth points that move the needle in your biz, tweaking existing processes that bring in quick cash, and give birth to projects that goose your bottom line.

But that’s not all. Travis also helps you design “behavior-based” sales and marketing systems that work while you sleep; helps you implement strategies to grow and nurture your best relationships and gives you advice for mastering the art and neuroscience of high-value (yet persuasive) communications that start, continue or restart conversations with your ideal customers, clients or patients.

Travis will also work with you to create winning books, products and services that attract your ideal clients like a huge magnet, turn your best (and most profitable) services into products, increase engagement and enthusiasm for your brand that kick your sales into high gear, and much, much more.

Travis is always on the forefront of what's working NOW to grow your biz. He will help you identify, test, implement and scale WINNING campaigns. Over the years, he's found that most problems can be solved with better marketing and one-of-a-kind advertising campaigns that create meaningful connections, conversations and conversions.

At the same time, Travis will shield you from 'shiny object syndrome' and other half-baked tactics that can waste time and zap biz momentum. As your success agent, Travis will make 100% sure that your business goals and your growth goals are in sync. So many times it takes an outside perspective to get your biz on the right track for success. Travis will relentlessly help you and your business reach these goals. You won’t find any philosophical rah-rah stuff HERE. But proven performance hacks are always part of his winning equation.


...If you’re up and running, and you want to run even faster, then Travis is for you. ...If you want success without overwhelm, then Travis is for you. ...If you aren’t scared to have an accountability partner who gives you an occasional kick in the butt, then Travis is for you. ...If you want to double your biz in the next 12 months, then Travis is for you.

Travis knows that game-changer companies need more attention for getting and staying ahead. This requires constant growth, change, and innovation. Don’t get hung out to dry by beating around what “used to work” for other businesses. Connect with Travis to get the shortcut to more sales and more freedom.

Working with Travis is not right for most people, but for the right people, he’ll do an extraordinary job. For this reason, he invites ONLY select clients to partner with, ones he knows he can be a HERO to. Find out if Travis can be a hero to your company. 

Moving forward,